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Agar.io, but in 3D! This is just a prototype, however it will be updated often with new features! Hoping to possibly publish the full version as "www.3dar.io". Please leave comments below if you have questions or opinions!

10/20/15 - v.1

- Basic 3d movement with mouse

- Random pellets spawn in a 25 unit radius

- You grow as you eat pellets

Published Oct 21, 2015
Tags3D, Abstract, Endless, Fast-Paced, Minimalist, Multiplayer


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Not bad. I understand how the movement mechanics work, but the background is kind of like an optical illusion. I'm not sure entirely how give the background works on this engine, but maybe giving depth to it, as well as a limit to how far you can travel, would be beneficial. Good luck, creators. Hope this gives insight.